3D Anamorphic Lettering Illustrations

My name is Tolga GİRGİN and I am working as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer in the beautiful city of Eskişehir, Turkey. I am interested in calligraphy as a hobby. Sometimes, if I have time I do custom works as a freelancer.

I have been drawing sketches since my childhood in my spare times. I started looking into calligraphy seriously about 1 year ago. I shared my first works of handwriting on Instagram while I was personally admiring different kinds of anamorphic drawings and graffiti from various artists around the world. One day I asked myself “Why don’t I try calligraphic letters?”.

I started to deform letters and added some shadows with pencil. It was very impressive for me to see the letters standing on the paper. It was working! Generally, my works are called as 3D Calligraphy by another people but most of my works are actually 3D Anamorphic Lettering-Illustration. I am doing this to inspire people.

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Walking Letters









Roman Capitals




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