70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice

It’s quite true about the saying – There’s no second chance at making a good first impression. Advertisement, regardless online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed. Agencies and big corporations do not believe in ‘cool factors’ in advertisement anymore. Instead, to really stand out of the crowd, the idea has to be really out of the box, something that makes you laugh, talks about it or at least make you look twice.

Here’s 70 really creative advertisement that will make you look twice. Well, at least for me. Full list after jump.

FedEx Kinkos – Office Products now at fedexkinkos.com

The Naval Museum of Alberta

Nothing can replace a tree.


Australia Post – If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.

Australia Post – Personalized your post


Starwars III – Return of the Sith

The Fitness Company

Sprite Ice Blue

Condomshop.ch – Don’t be stupid, protect yourself.

Eurostar.com – London for lovers

Clorets – Eliminate bad breath

Mini Cooper


3M – 3M Security Glass

Sharpie permanent markers

Denver Water – Use only what you need.

Bergmann funeral service – Come a litle closer.

Domino’s Pizza – Hole

Duracell – Last longer, much longer

WWF – save the world with a few coins

Freshlife – Start a fresh life.

Pepsi Twist

WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest.

Mr. Hot Pepper

M&M – Communication just got sweeter

Orion telescope

Nike – Just do it

Kill Bill 2

Glassex cleaner

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