Artist Brock Davis doesn’t just rely on pen and paper to manifest his wit. From fruits and veggies to googly eyes, the mediums that make up his extensive portfolio are endless.

One of his ongoing projects turns everyday objects into mini scenes and concepts. The photos are captured simply with his iPhone.

“Most of my friends were sharing photos of their kids and pets, which is cool, but almost immediately I was curious if it would be possible to take conceptual photos with my iPhone while staying true to the immediacy and spontaneity that is inherent with mobile photography,” Davis told Mashable.

Using an iPhone and Instagram, Davis enjoys being able to execute the process quickly, and maintain the candidness of both the image and idea. He often uses ambient, simple backgrounds, so the concept isn’t competing with busy elements.

“I always try to keep things simple and let the idea take precedence,” he says.

Take a look at his unique perspective below and follow him on Instagram for more.