C64 Inspired Graphic 1

Once upon a time, Commodore 64 was the home made portal for COnce upon a time, Commodore 64 was the home made portal for Cyberspace with: lines of white pixels on a blue screen, crazy adventures of cyber BMX and futuristic music 8bit.
In 1992, while people go crazy for Super Nintendo and Game Boy, I discovered the C64 when my father wrote the “secret code” of an ancient language from Proxima Centauri.
Today we are angry if our notebook take a few seconds longer to load something, but I remember that while the C64 loading a program I went out into the garden to play football with my brother and when we returned, the computer was ready for a challenge on spaceship into a few distant galaxies hundreds of bytes.
The Commodore 64, joined the people who met to exchange information, code, or simply burn the software on economic audio cassettes.♥ 64 is a tribute to one of the cornerstones of the technological history that has also been the seed for my passion: video games, hackers, cyberpunk and Micro music.

C64 Inspired Graphic 2

C64 Inspired Graphic 3

C64 Inspired Graphic 4

The C64 ready to start in thousand pixel and 8bit adventures !

C64 Inspired Graphic 5

All the hardware of the Commodore was enclosed in a comfortable but heavy keyboard that could be connected to any home screen or computer monitor.

C64 Inspired Graphic 6C64 Inspired Graphic 7

C64 Inspired Graphic 8

C64 Inspired Graphic 9

You could burn softwares and video games on audio cassette and load on Commodore 64 by your Datasette.
The black & white counter on the left could create a serious addiction !

C64 Inspired Graphic 10

Inimitable sound of the Commodore were generated from SID (Sound Interface Device) 6581/858.
The SID is the main element to make Chiptune (Chip Music).

C64 Inspired Graphic 11

The joystick Competition Pro 5000, a symbol of an era of videogames.

C64 Inspired Graphic 12

Floppy drive with a “giant” 5¼ inch (13 cm) floppy disc.

C64 Inspired Graphic 13