C64 Inspired Graphic

Once upon a time, Commodore 64 was the home made portal for COnce upon a time, Commodore 64 was the home made portal for Cyberspace with: lines of white pixels on a blue screen, crazy adventures of cyber BMX and futuristic music 8bit.
In 1992, while people go crazy for Super Nintendo and Game Boy, I discovered the C64 when my father wrote the “secret code” of an ancient language from Proxima Centauri.
Today we are angry if our notebook take a few seconds longer to load something, but I remember that while the C64 loading a program I went out into the garden to play football with my brother and when we returned, the computer was ready for a challenge on spaceship into a few distant galaxies hundreds of bytes.
The Commodore 64, joined the people who met to exchange information, code, or simply burn the software on economic audio cassettes.♥ 64 is a tribute to one of the cornerstones of the technological history that has also been the seed for my passion: video games, hackers, cyberpunk and Micro music.

The C64 ready to start in thousand pixel and 8bit adventures !

All the hardware of the Commodore was enclosed in a comfortable but heavy keyboard that could be connected to any home screen or computer monitor.

You could burn softwares and video games on audio cassette and load on Commodore 64 by your Datasette.
The black & white counter on the left could create a serious addiction !

Inimitable sound of the Commodore were generated from SID (Sound Interface Device) 6581/858.
The SID is the main element to make Chiptune (Chip Music).

The joystick Competition Pro 5000, a symbol of an era of videogames.

Floppy drive with a “giant” 5¼ inch (13 cm) floppy disc.

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