Of all the iOS GUI Photoshop documents we’ve created over the past 4 or 5 years the one for the iPhone is by far the most popular. We take these things pretty seriously because we use them on a daily basis ourselves.
This version, iOS 6 for iPhone 5, is a bit different than previous versions. Those of you who have downloaded and used these files have probably noticed they’ve become quite bloated. As fast as our computers are today, they still get pretty sluggish when working in a document that contains tens of millions of pixels with hundreds of shape layers. This time around we focussed on making the file a bit more usable. It’s smaller in file size and has a reduced canvas making it quite a bit more manageable. We did this by removing some of the more obtuse elements. If you think we’ve missed something common, let us know in the comments, or on Twitter.
Free iOS 6 GUI PSD - iPhone 5
Free iOS 6 GUI PSD - iPhone 5 - menu stats
Free iOS 6 GUI PSD - iPhone 5
Free iOS 6 GUI PSD - iPhone 5 elements
We get asked a lot why it’s free. The answer is simple, and is best articulated in a post Jon wrote on our tenth anniversary. In it, he lists out 10 things we’ve learned. Number six is the reason why this is free: Create more value than you capture.

We hope you like it. We hope you conceive, design, pitch and build really great software that we’ll come to use on a daily basis as well.

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