30+ Creative, Free Vintage Textures/Brushes

With the growing popularity of vintage inspired designs and retro typography, scratchy and dust effects are a hot commodity. Today webelemint will share a bunch of these awesome scratch/dust textures for you to use in all of your design work. Hopefully these awesome vintage textures and photoshop dust effects can inspire and compliment your next retro or vintage masterpiece!

We feature a whole slew of vintage textures, retro brushes, & even some light leaks. Be sure to download these and add them to your collection, also it might be cool to tweet this post and share with your friends! Check out more vintage textures on graphicriver.

Craving more free design resources? It’s ok, you can admit it! Be sure to check out our free resources section on webelemint to get all the awesome free design resources we have to offer. If you want to help us out and wanna see future free files, updates, and site news follow us on twitter and like our page on facebook. Thanks, now enjoy the free scratch textures and brushes below!!

Scratch Texture #1

Scratch Texture #2

Dusty Effect

Film Dust Effects

Large Dusty Textures

Sparkling Dust Effect

Vintage Scratch Textures

Light Scratches

Scratch Texture #3

Large Dusty Textures #2

Old Film Effects #1

Old Film Effects #2

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