These Free Disco Ball Renders are a perfect addition to the design toolbox of any designer who works with nightclubs and bars producing flyers and posters, or any other music industry related business for that matter!

Whether you call them disco balls, mirror balls or glitter balls – we’ve cooked up a whole bunch of them for you. Eleven to be precise and if you produce a lot of music related work, you’re gunna love every single pixel of them.

Whilst there are 11 files included in the download, 2 of them are from the same models (meaning nine unique models with 11 renders). Each ball comes in a different colour caused by the different lighting effects used. You can easily change these using a hue/saturations adjustment mask. Furthermore you can better define the edges of the rectangular mirror pieces by sharpening the renders to give a crisper and almost exaggerated edge – like I have done in the main preview image.

File Details:

The renders in this pack come in a range of sizes, from 1500px to 700px in height and width, however each object is rendered at 300dpi. Each disco ball render (regardless of it’s size) is exceptionally high in quality and detail and as with all our other freebies, completely Uncopyrighted, so enjoy them however you please.

Free Disco Ball Renders Pack Preview:

Disco Ball Render Close Up

This close up shows the level of quality you receive in this incredible free disco ball renders pack. Pretty damn decent, right?

Free Disco Ball Render

Each Free Disco Ball Render varies in colour and style.

Free Mirror Ball Render

This render utilises larger mirror pieces to give the impression it is either smaller or just using larger pieces of glass!

Disco Ball Renders

Here’s a preview of 5 of the 11 included disco ball renders from this pack. As you can see they each use different colours, styles and mirror-piece sizes.

Free Mirror Ball Renders

And here are the other six disco / mirror / glitter ball renders – enjoy ‘em folks!